10 Things Every Kitchen & Bath Designer Wished His/Her Clients Knew

41873074_l1.   Although it may not be the most glamorous area within Interior Design, we love our job. Kitchen and bath Designers are really a rare breed of Designers. We love working with wood and stone and stainless and crystal knobs and your sweet puppy dog who is right under our feet at your kitchen table at each of our meetings. You’ll find us in heels and in construction boots.  We are versatile and pliable.  We don’t care that your current kitchen or bathroom or closet or basement is a mess – that’s exactly why you need us!

We want to make it all better for you.




mindreader2.  We are not mind readers. We try our best to ask you the most important questions we can think of but we are human. We don’t always think of everything to ask. So tell us if we miss something that is in your mind that you want to talk about or work into the design. Like Aunt Sally’s china storage that is packed up in the attic.




signing lots of documents3.  Please don’t be upset with signing so many documents and drawings and specialty finish disclosures. We try to put as much in writing as possible because there are so many things that are covered from the beginning of the process to the end. We want to be sure that there is as much in writing as possible so that the information is not lost in the passage of time nor in translation. It helps everyone to be able to go back and look for information this way.





4.  If we don’t clearly explain our fees, please let us know. We want for you to fully understand how we expect to be paid for our professionalism as your Designer. We work for you as your professional, and although most of us do provide a complimentary consultation, unfortunately, we do not work as complimentary Designers. Nor does your Dentist, your Attorney, or your Financial Advisor provide you with complimentary professional services.







underscontrruction5.  Your renovated house will get messy and dusty during the renovation. Your primary utensils will be a plastic spoon and a fork. You will learn about the best take-out restaurants in town. So embrace the dust and the disarray knowing that soon you’ll have the kitchen (or bath, or closet, or specialty space) that you’ve always dreamed of having.




builder6.  We are not builders nor engineers nor structural surveyors. We can certainly give you our opinion of whether a wall “should” be removed in a design, but we will always point you to the proper professional to make the decision if it “can” be moved or resupported.  We consider our part of the process an important part of the team.  Builders don’t like it when the designers make decisions that aren’t structurally possible.  To flip that coin, we thank you for letting us know of any structural changes the builder makes!





email7.  Your personal time is very important to us. Although we don’t mind phone conversations, we really do like to communicate via email so that you can read the message, think about/consider it, and then respond to it in a timeframe that is convenient for you. Also, communicating via email allows both of us to have a record to reference any questions asked or information relayed that can be referred to later. Just because we email a lot instead of calling you multiple times each day doesn’t mean we don’t like you! We do, we really do!




revisions8.  It takes time to make revisions and re-quote a project. Please be patient and expect a realistic turn around time during revisions/re-quoting. We promise that your project is important to us and we are working on it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Just as accountants have “busy seasons”, this industry also has “busy seasons”.  Expect a longer revision time in the Spring and Summer months when Designers are in their busy season.



Frustration-Eats-Pencil29.  We know that going through a major renovation or a new construction process can be an emotional time. But, please be kind to us when things don’t go as planned. Even and especially when it’s not our fault. We promise to do our best to be kind to you as well. It can be a beautiful experience overall, but evenso, there are always thorns among the roses.  Being kind is always better…always.






10.  Finally, we want for you to love your new kitchen, bath, closet or newly designed interior space. We want for you to wish you had done this years ago. We want for you to want to invite everyone you know over to enjoy this space with you. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with you and we hope that we complete this project with not only satisfied clients, but with new friends as well. We are so thankful for your referrals.  We value your referrals more than you know.

Please know that we thank you, thank you, thank you. We need you as much as you need us!

Now, let’s get started on that new kitchen, bath, closet or Interior Design project you’ve been putting off!


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